The existence of vertical fiscal imbalance between the States and local bodies as well as horizontal fiscal imbalance among the local bodies is a major problem in a federal system. 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Constitution provide a new vista to the aspect of autonomy to the third tier governments.
In this context, this study is the first systematic attempt to apply econometric methods to study municipal finances in India and is, therefore, a pioneering work.
The analysis of the fiscal behavior includes performance at macro-level through cross-sectional data and at micro-level through time-series data from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.
The coverage includes an analysis of the basic concepts, review of literature, a profile of municipal finances in India, growth of urban population vis-ŕ-vis demand for civic services, fiscal inequaliti3es in this sector, and determinants’ analysis. It also includes an in-depth study of the behavior of the expenditures and revenues in relation to time, population, prices and community income, partial income-and price-elasticities and trends of function-wise shares of expenditures.

The study would benefit the policy makers, researchers, and all those interested in urban fiscal behaviour.








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Concepts and issues./ Salient studies of local fiscal behavior—A Review. / Finances of the urban local bodies in India: A Profile. / Finances of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi: An overview. / Expenditure of Municipal Corporation of Delhi-Estimates of response parameters. / Revenue responsiveness and joint determinants of revenues and expenditures of the Municipal corporation of Delhi.: Some estimates. / Summary and conclusions. / Appendices / Select references

Dr Gautam Naresh, at present working as Deputy Economic Advisor to the First State Finance Commission for the national Capital Territory of Delhi and the Union Territory of Chandigarh, is a specialist in urban finances. Prior to this, Dr. Naresh has worked on the research staff of the national Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi. He has also worked with the department of business management, and commerce, Punjabi university, Chandigarh and Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow. His contributions include various studies on urban finances, sales tax, union excise duty, public expenditure and fiscal federalism. He has contributed many research papers to a number of all-India Conferences and to leading journals in the field.